Famous writer's literature museum opens
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The opening ceremony of the Jia Pingwa Literature Museum and the summit forum on Jia Pingwa's literary achievements were both held on Northwest University's Taibai campus on October 17, just in time for the university's 118th anniversary.

The university is Jia’s alma mater. He graduated from the Chinese Department of Northwest University in 1975, having begun to publish his works in 1974. There are 26 volumes in the collected works of Jia Pingwa.

Jia Pingwa's works have won many awards at home and abroad. More than 30 works have been translated in the United States, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Russia, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam, and have been published in more than 20 countries.

The Jia Pingwa literature museum is located on the campus of Taibai campus of Northwest University. The name of the museum is inscribed by Mo Yan, a famous contemporary writer who won the Nobel Prize for literature. Following the launch ceremony, the museum is now officially open to the public.

"Northwest University is my alma mater,' Jia said at the opening ceremony. 'My alma mater's establishment of Jia Pingwa Literature Museum 45 years after my graduation is a recognition of a student. This recognition is a great honor for me.

“The establishment of the literature museum in the school not only gives me glory, but also gives me a pressure. I will make greater efforts to do a good job creating literature, which is also a driving force for me to continue to climb higher in literary creation,” Jia said.

In his speech, Guo Lihong, president of Northwest University, reviewed the profound relationship between Jia Pingwa and Northwest University, and outlined some research results of Jia Pingwa's literature.

Guo pointed out that Jia is one of the few literary prodigies in China's contemporary literary world. He still keeps writing and is the most diligent and productive contemporary writer. His works adhere to the concept of "going deep into life and taking root in the people", which embodies the distinct "Chinese characteristics, Chinese style and Chinese manner", and sets a benchmark and a banner for contemporary Chinese literature.

The president stressed that the establishment of Jia Pingwa literature museum is of great significance for strengthening Northwest University's brand as a "writer's cradle" and expanding the influence of the University's Chinese discipline in the country.

The literature museum is in the style of the Republic of China with three floors, including an exhibition hall, book bar and conference room. The contents of the exhibition are divided into five parts, which focus on the important stages of Jia Pingwa's growth, study and writing. The multiple creations and interpretations of literary texts, literature materials, pictures, films, art images and literary spaces in the museum show Jia Pingwa's unique literary personality, style and humanistic quality.



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